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Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Orlando

Looking for a lawyer for bankruptcy? You may feel as if you are drowning in DEBT. Come take advantage of our FREE Consultation and let our experienced attorneys explain to you how a bankruptcy can help STOP lawsuits, auto repossession, foreclosure, creditor harassment, bank account garnishment, wage garnishments and tax levies. Take a look at our answers in our commonly asked bankruptcy questions or contact us with our “FREE Consultation” form and we will reach out to you promptly. If you would like to speak with a lawyer directly, call the Law Offices of Keith D. Collier.

The majority of people would like to pay their bills but unemployment, bad luck or medical expenses can make that impossible. Each method of debt relief has pitfalls that can cost valuable time and money and these come with a myriad of misconceptions. You must protect your rights. Call the Law offices of Keith D. Collier in Orlando, for a proven and successful lawyer to give you a FREE consultation.

United States Bankruptcy Code

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The debtor can be an individual, a partnership or a corporation or other business entity to qualify for the Chapter 7 U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Chapter 7 differs from other bankruptcy chapters because it allows the debtor to eliminate most debts without having to pay money back to their creditors.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code allows a business, a sole proprietorship with some individuals or a corporation, to restructure and pay back debt under a plan of reorganization. The control of normal business operations remains with the filer, but that control is now under the jurisdiction of the Bankruptcy Court.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Individuals with a normal income can develop a plan to repay part or all of their debts over a three to five year plan under Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This is an alternate option for individuals that exceed the income requirements for Chapter 7. The debt that is paid back is decided by the debtor’s disposable income.

When To File Bankruptcy

For people and businesses, filing for bankruptcy can be a very difficult thing to go through. If you are experiencing problems with your debts and nothing is working for you, not even counseling was able to get you through, then bankruptcy is the next option for you. This is the reason we offer a FREE bankruptcy consultation for everybody. We will address all your concerns and questions and give you options to help.

Representing You Through Bankruptcy

Helping our clients understand everything about bankruptcy is what the law offices of Keith D. Collier are dedicated to do. Our experience with cases involving bankruptcy allows us to help you get through this very difficult time with debt relief and little to no stress, for everyone involved.

Call us today or email us here if you still have any questions about our bankruptcy services, or are ready to take that next step in filing for bankruptcy.

About Our Firm

Established in 2003 by Attorney Keith D. Collier, our practice is devoted to eliminating debt, saving homes and providing businesses with an opportunity to reorganize. Our firm continues to help people gain control of their financial situations through consumer and corporate / business bankruptcy, home loan modifications, debt settlements and other legal services with specific issues involving debt.

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date and progressive legal services at reasonable prices. Our firm is one of the only groups of bankruptcy lawyers that will file a Chapter 7 case before all of the attorneys fees and costs are paid in full. In special cases, we have actually paid the client's cost to facilitate the bankruptcy proceedings.

If you need debt protection, we have an attorney who can accurately evaluate your case and help you obtain the fresh start you or your business needs for a successful financial recovery. Please let us know how we can assist you with your debt relief needs.

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