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Credit Repair Attorney in Orlando, FL

In certain bankruptcy cases in Florida, discharge can repair your credit score, specifically for those filers whose credit scores were extremely low before they filed. It’s impossible to judge the effect a bankruptcy can have on a person’s credit score, you can speak to us about this when your schedule your FREE bankruptcy consultation with one of our attorneys. CreditInfoNet is how we get a copy of your credit score before you file. The report allows us to make a prediction for the change in credit for a couple of individual who is filing.

Just how much will filing for bankruptcy affect your credit score? Over the past several months, we watched the credit scores change after a bankruptcy for a sample of our CreditInfoNet reports on clients with following conclusions:

  • Lower Credit Scores (450 to 550) - Tend to Increase 50-100 Points
  • Mid-Range Credit Scores (600) - Tend to Stay the Same
  • Higher Credit Scores (700 or Above) - Tend to Decrease 40-80 Points

Bankruptcy and Credit Score Help

No matter if you’re filing for Chatper 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy we will recommend that you look into the credit service, Credit Karma. This credit service is free and lets you create a username and password for monthly access to view changes in your credit score. The free graphs allow you to check your month to month changes while you recover financially from your bankruptcy. The service also gives valuable information on repairing your credit score. To learn more about taking control of your credit, give our office a call.

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