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How to Repair Credit Score Quickly

In some Florida bankruptcy cases, the discharge alone may repair your credit score, especially for those filers who had very low credit scores before they filed. Although it is impossible to accurately predict the impact that a bankruptcy may have on one's credit ratings, this is an appropriate subject to discuss with our bankruptcy lawyer during your FREE bankruptcy consultation. At the Law Offices of Keith D. Collier, we use CreditInfoNet to pull a copy of each person's credit score prior to any filing. The report we receive will make an overall prediction as to the expected change in credit for an individual or couple filing jointly.

So how will your credit score be affected when you file bankruptcy? Over the past several months, we watched the credit scores change after a bankruptcy for a sample of our CreditInfoNet reports on clients with the following conclusions:

  • Lower Credit Scores (450 to 550) - Tend to Increase 50-100 Points
  • Mid-Range Credit Scores (600)
  • Higher Credit Scores (700 or Above) - Tend to Decrease 40-80 Points

Bankruptcy and Credit Score

Whether you're filing Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13, we recommend that you sign up for a credit service called Credit Karma. This is a FREE service that will allow you to setup a username and password for monthly access to monitor changes in your credit score. Our bankruptcy attorneys highly recommend that you (and your spouse) use the free graphs to track month to month changes during your financial recovery. Credit Karma also provides you with important information on "How to Repair Your Credit Score". Call our office to learn more about regaining control of your credit for a brighter financial future after a bankruptcy.

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