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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
January 19, 2014
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help you stop garnishments, save your car, and save your home.  Moreover, chapter 13 bankruptcy may help you consolidate all of your other debts such as credit cards, repossession balances, and IRS tax debt.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy effectively helps you reorganize ALL OF YOUR DEBT to make payments more affordable.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an especially powerful tool because it lets you prioritize what debts you really want or need to pay such as mortgage and car payments and then your other creditors will in many cases just be left with the “scraps”.

The Law Offices of Keith D. Collier is a law firm devoted exclusively to bankruptcy law.  We have filed chapter 13s to stop wage garnishments and reduce the monthly household bills to make life more affordable.  We have filed chapter 13s to stop the repossession of vehicles while the repo man’s tow truck idled menacingly in front of the home or place of employment.  We have even filed chapter 13s to stop foreclosure sales merely moments before the sale of the home.  Click on stop repossessions or stop foreclosures to learn more.