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August 28, 2014

Did you know it's possible that when you die you may be leaving all of your outstanding debt to your children to pay? CNN has recently published an article describing all the different scenarios where ...     Read More »

January 19, 2014

In the last week I randomly pulled 10 new client files to look at how their credit score was affected by their bankruptcy. We pull credit reports using  a service provided by a company called CIN Leg ...     Read More »

January 19, 2014

Are Debts Obtained Through Fraud Dischargeable in Bankruptcy? Bankruptcy is a very powerful tool to get your financial house back in order.  However, one type of debt that often proves confusing f ...     Read More »

January 19, 2014

Government Shutdown to Affect 800,000 Workers   Just when you thought the economy was starting to pick up again, Washington politicians deal the American public another blow.  This time it ...     Read More »

January 19, 2014

Get Out of Debt With Your Federal Income Tax Refund Every year millions of Americans receive their federal income tax refund for many things from property taxes, automobile and homeowner’s insura ...     Read More »

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