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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan of Reorganization
January 19, 2014

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan of Reorganization

A chapter 13 bankruptcy plan is just that – a plan. It tells the court how much money you plan on sending to the court and when. It then describes who you propose to pay and how much you propose to pay them. Items like your house, car, IRS tax debt, property taxes and child support or alimony enjoy priority status will get paid before things like credit cards, repossession balances, or judgment creditors. The bankruptcy code only requires you to pay those creditors what you can afford to pay them and in many cases, that amount is very small.

At the Law Offices of Keith D. Collier, we have spent countless hours scouring the bankruptcy code, reading case law, and arguing in front of bankruptcy law judges to get you the lowest payment possible while still keeping the things that are important to you like your house and cars. Since we only practice bankruptcy law, we are always at the forefront of any new developments or emerging trends in the bankruptcy code so we can best use these new findings for our clients.