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Chapter 7 Does Increase Credit Score
January 19, 2014
In the last week I randomly pulled 10 new client files to look at how their credit score was affected by their bankruptcy. We pull credit reports using  a service provided by a company called CIN Legal Dates Services. This company pulls date from credit bureaus to try and predict how a persons credit score will be affected after filing bankruptcy. Of the 10 cases I pulled only one had a negative affect. The other 9 had an average increase in the next year of over 80 points. Some increases were over 130 points. The one that had a negative prediction started with a 720 credit score and was predicated to take a 35 point drop to a 685. Even with filing chapter 7 bankruptcy this person still had a credit score higher than most of the people in the Untitled States.

So don't believe everything you hear from people or read on the internet. Find out for yourself. We can pull your Credit Scores today using this service to see what your score could be after filing bankruptcy without having to first file you.