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Dispute Your Credit Report
July 4, 2012
Don't pay anyone to dispute your credit reports. Pull each report directly from the source and examine each entry. If you see things that are incorrect follow the companies dispute guidelines. If you would like me to pull your credit score to show you how bankruptcy will affect your credit score please call our office. We have special software that helps predict how bankruptcy will affect your individual score. Read my other blogs about credit scores.

Here are the three main credit bureaus and their online dispute pages.


Trans Union


I recommend disputing your credit report with all three bureaus if the issue is on all three reports. Sometimes you will not see the same issues on all reports.

Common disputable issues.

1.Tthe reporting of a debt that has not been paid in over 7 years

2. The reporting of a negative history of a relitive with the same name.

3. The reporting of a single debt by two or three different companies claiming ownership of the debt.

4. Reporting a debt that has been paid. (remember they have the right report negative history for seven years from the date of the occurrence. So paying a debt off will not erase this)

5. Reporting the wrong amount of a debt owed.

6. Judgements or Bankruptcies that are for another person.

7. Credit inquiries that are not authorized.