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Filing Bankruptcy too Late!!
May 11, 2012
This video on CNN (http://money.cnn.com/video/pf/2012/04/30/pf-file-bankruptcy.cnnmoney/ ) talks about when to file bankruptcy. Even though this videoarticle tells people to look into other options before filing bankruptcy it also tells you not to wait too long. In my office I see about 10-15 people a day. Majority of these people need to file and should file. But most don't or at least don't file right away. I see about 50% of these clients again in the next year. At this time it's either too late or hinging on too late to file. I say too late or hinging on too late because in most of the cases a judgement has already been done and a wage or bank garnishments has started. Other cases the foreclosure has already taken place and now the client is rushing to get out of the house or has received a large 1099 for the deficiency judgment.

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