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Government Shutdown to Affect 800,000 Workers
January 19, 2014
Government Shutdown to Affect 800,000 Workers


Just when you thought the economy was starting to pick up again, Washington politicians deal the American public another blow.  This time it’s in the form of a government shutdown.  Cnn.com, Foxnews.com and the Huffingtonpost.com are all reporting that the furloughs are set to affect over 800,000 federal workers that are deemed to be "non-essential".  Moreover, this comes at a time when the unemployment rate is close to stagnant.  Experts at CnnMoney.com are predicting that while the stock market may not take a large hit, the American dollar will.  This is will in turn lead an increase in the cost of overseas goods, most importantly – oil.


All of these furloughs and increases in prices mean only one thing for Florida citizens – less income and higher expenses.  When you encounter financial trouble, you need to speak to someone with the knowledge and experience to help guide you through difficult financial situations.  At the Law Offices of Keith D. Collier, we pride ourselves on remaining at the cutting edge of all bankruptcy law developments so as to better represent our clients.


Just yesterday, I spoke to a client that was convinced that she wouldn’t qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy because she thought she made too much money.  She had spoken to several other bankruptcy attorneys prior to calling me who had also told her that she wouldn’t qualify and that she would need to be in a chapter 13 for the next five years, repaying some of her debt.  After having a free 30 minutes phone consultation, I learned that she might qualify under the little known “business debt exception”.  To learn more about the “business debt exception”, click here.  It turns out that she did qualify and because she called the Law Offices of Keith D. Collier, she is now on her way to financial recovery.