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How Long Does It Take to Recover from Bankruptcy? Seven Years? Ten Years? The answers is NO.
November 27, 2013
To recover from bankruptcy is easy. The hard part is actually making the decision to file. Hundreds of people go to my web site each day and think about calling. 20-30 actually make the call and schedule an appointment. 10-15 people actually show up or take my call each day to talk about their situation. Of these only 2-3 actually file after seeing me on this first appointment and another 2-3 come back within the next 6 months to a year.  Some find other solutions but most do nothing until they are forced back into my office by a wage garnishment or they are denied for a loan or job because of their credit score.

The decision to file is a hard one because society put so much pressure on people to keep their credit score high. Financial institutes publish so much bad press about bankruptcy by leaking negative information about effects of filing to try and deter people from going this direction. When in fact bankruptcy has a positive affect on most peoplescredit score after filing. So when you read articles or hear rumors about bankruptcy ruining your credit score for the next 7-10 years it's false. Each case should be based on your particular facts and financial situation. Let me pull your credit score using special bankruptcy software that predicts how bankruptcy will affect your score based on you credit history.

Based on past clients keeping in contact with me I have seen general rules emerging with clients ability to recover after filing bankruptcy.

1. Purchasing a vehicle after discharge is not an issue if you have income to support the purchase. It takes approximately 4 months on average to get discharge after filing chapter 7,

2. Most banks want you to be discharged for 2 years before they will give a loan for a home purchase. I have had clients in the resent past tell me they did it in 15 months.

3. Credit cards with low limits within a few months after getting discharged.

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