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How Will Can I Pay My Attorneys Chapter 7 Fees When My Wages Are Being Garnished?
July 4, 2012
Simple, you pay the Cost to file and I will stop your wage garnishment. To file a chapter 7 case you have to pay the Federal Court a $306.00 Court Filing Fee. In order for my office to accurately prepare your paperwork we must pull your credit reports, complete an asset check and tax verification. This cost around $100.00. So the deal I make with my clients is you pay $400.00 to cover the cost, I will do the work and stop your wage garnishment and then you can pay my attorneys fees after we file. If you are really in a desperate situation I may even pay your cost  for you and let you reimburse me after i stop your wage garnishment. Most other attorneys will not do this. To find out more please call my office and ask to speak with me, Keith D Collier.