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Judgments Lawsuits Judicial Lien
July 4, 2012
When a creditor gets a Judgment against you they are essentially getting what is called a Judicial Lien against property that is in your name. This judgment allows them to garnish your bank accounts, wages or take personal property that is not protected by constitutional or state law. When you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy you are removing your liability on the debt. However thee is still a recorded judgment that will not be removed out of the state records. This judgment is essentially worthless because the creditor can not collect once you file and get a discharge in bankruptcy. But in some instance debtors may have issues later on with clearing title or transferring title on property, vehicles or other property. To avoid this some clients will need to file a motion in their chapter 7 bankruptcy to avoid the judicial lien. This will ensure the property is clear and ready to be transferred. This is generally an extra fee on top of the regular chapter 7 fees charged by most attorneys.

To see if you have a judgent in Duval please search Duval County Clerk Of Courts here.

To collect, read through this pdf.