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Rebuilding Credit
September 9, 2014

Rebuilding Credit

Rebuilding credit requires hard work and determination.  While there are several options available, most people arrive at the same conclusion – Bankruptcy.  This is because most methods of rebuilding credit turn out to be very time-consuming and costly.  Filing Bankruptcy is usually the most sure-fire way of wiping out the most debt for the least amount of money.

Bankruptcy is Federal Law

Bankruptcy is FEDERAL LAW.  This means that it is relatively uniform from state to state and usually trumps the state laws that govern your debts.  Your bankruptcy filing will usually override any state court proceeding against you and, most importantly, the bankruptcy will stop all negative reporting to your credit almost instantly.  Rebuilding credit never was easier.

Most Credit Repair Companies Are Scams

Many times I speak to clients who have tried credit repair where the credit repair company promises results like “We can erase your bad credit — 100% guaranteed.”  These are scams – plain and simple.  The company will ask for a down payment and then require you to make one monthly payment directly to the company.  The company then says they are going to contact each of your creditors and make low offers to settle the debt.  As soon as you stop making payments to your creditors, they start negatively reporting on your credit.  Just because you hired this company to rebuild your credit doesn’t mean anything to your creditors.  They still have the same rights to report to your credit and sue you in state court.

Rebuilding credit can’t be done with tricks or gimmicks.

Start Rebuilding Credit

You can take the first step today by calling our Orlando, Jacksonville, or Daytona office for a free phone or in-office consultation.  The Law Offices of Keith D. Collier will give you good, clean advice on the most effective way to rebuild your credit and put you on better financial footing than you are today.