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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Save Home
September 5, 2014

Save Your Home with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Now that the housing market is rebounding and home prices are on the rise, it’s time to think about saving that house that you might have given up on.  MSN is reporting that home prices around the country are uniformly rising.  This is good news for homeowners EVEN IF YOU ARE BEHIND IN PAYMENTS OR EVEN IN FORECLOSURE.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with the Law Offices of Keith D. Collier can help you to save your house from foreclosure and turn it back into an investment.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is what is referred to as “Reorganization” Bankruptcy.  In a Chapter 13, you have one monthly payment that usually covers:  your monthly mortgage payment, any back payments on your mortgage, past due homeowner association dues, your car payments, any back taxes or child support.  You may even be able to obtain a modification of your current mortgage.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

As compared with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy typically results in better treatment from potential creditors/lenders in the future.  After all, who would you rather lend money to?  Someone who discharged all their debt in Chapter 7 OR someone who paid back some of their debt in a Chapter 13?  That’s not to say that Chapter 7 is not without its benefits – it all depends on your specific situation.

That is what the Law Offices of Keith D. Collier can offer you – a specific solution tailored to your individual situation.  We are not a “one size fits all firm”.  We perform a careful analysis of your facts and desired goals and then recommend a realistic, cost-effective course of action that will lead you to success.  Call the Law Offices of Keith D. Collier today for a free in-office or phone consultation.