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When Can I File Bankruptcy After Moving To Florida?
September 9, 2014

When Can I File Bankruptcy After Moving To Florida?

A lot of clients call our office asking "When can I file Bankruptcy after moving to Florida? In Florida you can file bankruptcy after moving here from another state after 91 days has passed. But you will have to use the exemptions of the state you lived in the last 2 consecutive years. Generally this is a good thing because most state has better exemptions than in Florida.


Exceptions are what we use to protect assets and or property.  See our asset blog http://www.keithdcollier.com/blog/category/assets-and-bankruptcy/

Bankruptcy Rule


Client moved to Florida in January 2014 and it's now August 2014. 6 months have passed or more than 91 days. They are now eligible to file in Florida. The moved from Texas and they lived in Texas for the last 3 years. This means we will use Texas State exemptions or Federal if Texas has a residency requirement.  If they had lived in Texas for less than 2 years then we would find out what state they moved from last and if they had lived in that state for 2 or more years. Keep doing this until you find a state they resided for 2 or more years and look up the exemptions for that state.